US J, H, B and Visa and US Immigration Health Insurance - Plans for US Immigrants
Permanent Worldwide International Health Insurance Plans that Include Maternity
Travel Health Insurance for Yourself, Your Family, Parents, Relatives, In-Laws, Friends or Any Non-Us Citizen Visiting the US

There is no charge to the individual for using the services of a licensed health insurance agent—the commission is entirely paid by the carrier. The carrier is prohibited from selling the policy any cheaper if an individual does not use an agent.

If your parents, relatives, friends or you are going to be visiting the US or are in the US, it is important to have health insurance for the time spent in the US.  The plans here are very good for a visitor to the US.

"Atlas Travel Series"
Meets US Visa Requirements
Includes Pre-existing Conditions Coverage for Both US and Non US Citizens
Covers Complications of Pregnancy, Hazardous Sports Coverage Rider Available, War and Terrorism Coverage and Political Evacuation Coverage

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International Individual Travel Medical Insurance- For US and non-US Citizens traveling outside your home country for 7 days through three years. Both US and International PPO network of doctors and hospitals (see bottom of this page). Includes $25,000 accidental death and dismemberment coverage.  For US and Non US citizens - coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions and complications of pregnancy (see brochure for details).  Payments can be made for exact number of days needed and renewable after three months.  This plan can be started with 3 months and then renewed month by month up to 3 years. 

Quotes and enrollment online, ID card transmitted electronically as soon as application completed.

Choosing the plan that is best for you

The ImmigrantSecure and Inbound USA plans are low cost scheduled benefit plans.   The Atlas and Liaison Plans are broad coverage with deductibles from $0 to $2500 and maximum benefits to $1 million.   The Citizen Secure and Reside Prime plans are permanent international major medical health insurance plans that are worldwide including the US.  The Reside plan is a scheduled benefit plan up to 4 years.  The Secure STM is for US residents but the person does not need to have a green card and does not need to have a social security number.   The most popular plans are the ImmigrantSecure, Inbound USA  due to low cost and the Atlas Travel Series if looking for the best benefits.

ImmigrantSecure is a Very Low Cost Scheduled Benefit Travel Health Insurance Plan
This Plan is Available to Both Non US and US Citizens

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ImmigrantSecure is a scheduled benefit plan for people visiting or moving to the US.  Please see detailed information below.

"Inbound USA"
Low Cost Health Insurance Plan for People Visiting The US
Optional Rider for Heart Attack and Stroke

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Inbound USA is a scheduled benefit plan for people visiting or moving to the US.   Please see detailed information below.

"Liaison International, Worldwide & Majestic Travel Plans"
Medical insurance for people traveling outside their home country
Trips between 5 days to 3 years - Continuous renewal available as little as 5 days at a time - Immediate coverage available - Print ID Card immediately

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Available online, "The Liaison Travel Plans" are a group of travel health insurance coverages available from 5 days up to 3 years.  Ideal for US citizens traveling overseas, for temporary visitors to the United States and for anyone worldwide outside of their country of residence.  All the Liaison products are renewable while the customer is in the US (most home country insurance plans do not allow this).  There is not a restriction on how long you have been in the US, regarding eligibility to purchase.  Liaison can be bought monthly and renewed online monthly, so you do not have to predetermine the time period coverage will be needed.

"Citizen Secure - Permanent International Major Medical Health Insurance Plan"
$5,000,000 in coverage for individuals and families needing coverage worldwide
Including the US and Canada

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Citizen Secure formerly International Citizen Series - International Individual Major Medical Insurance - Annually renewable, major medical insurance for individuals and families. US citizens outside the US and non-US citizens anywhere including your home country, the US or third countries. Both US and International PPO network of doctors and hospitals (see bottom of this page).

"Reside Prime Worldwide Medical Plan"
Permanent International Health Insurance Plan

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Available online, "Reside Prime Worldwide Medical Plan" is a comprehensive major medical insurance for international citizens. It provides up to $5,000,000 US in lifetime benefits.  Insured persons must reside outside of the US at least 6 months out of any given 12 month policy period.  

"Reside Worldwide Medical Plan"
Permanent International Health Insurance Plan

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"Reside Worldwide Medical Plan" is a low cost scheduled benefit plan. 

"Secure STM Temporary Health Insurance"

Secure STM is US temporary health insurance plan that is available to non US citizens that have been in the US more than 12 months.  A US social security number is not needed to be issued this plan.  Secure STM is coverage for the US.  It is available from 30 days up 12 months. 

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